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Welcome to the Cache-O-Sphere


Check out what makes Cache unique.


Place content in the real world.  Tap for a photo, hold for video, add a caption, then leave it right there where you took it.  We use GPS technology to place your caches in a physical location but in an artificial realm – we like to call it the Cache-O-Sphere.


Do you ever go somewhere and wonder what else happened there?  Cache enables you to find photos and videos right where people have left them.  When you walk where a cache has been placed, you can view what other people have experienced there.


Become friends with interesting people to see where they have placed caches.  If you find something you like, search that person’s username and send them a friend request.   Then see where else your friends have placed caches.


Sharing hints with friends lets them know where you placed a cache or where a cache you like is located.  The hint will show up as a map on their home page, that way they know where to go to discover it.


Our mission is to connect people through shared memories.




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Cache is an innovative idea that I can see everyone getting behind. The longer it’s out there, the better it’ll become. It’s great to see a new type of social media that’s very personal, yet connects you with all types of people. I’m really excited to see it grow and become something huge!

Raymond Hayse

Steve Jobs once said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” As a society, we are always looking for new and creative ways to connect with others.  Cache is that perfect blend of innovation and familiarity that the world has been waiting for.  By infusing technology that most of us already unknowingly use with a creative platform that appeals to our instinctual desire to connect with the world around us, Cache has ingeniously narrowed the gap between virtual and reality.  In today’s social media-based society, we’ve already been given the ability to SHARE our memories.  Cache gives us the tools to take it a step further, so that others can RELIVE the memories we hold so dear.  Be a leader, and join the Cache family today

Josiah Frazier

Cache is the new innovative social media for our generation. Combining photo/video sharing with an active lifestyle, engagement becomes a fun adventure filled with creativity and discovery. Little treasures left behind from friends or complete strangers allow you to relive moments passed in your exact location. It gives your curiosity a fix and entices the imagination. Go plant your life-long memories around the world for people to go unearth, while discovering other people’s memories along the way. Experience the refreshing new concept social media has been lacking.

Spencer Kelly